Support Coast Guard Units

Special Support is a non-routine mission that requires extra planning and is often a short notice event.

Example 1

On 15 January, the flotilla was requested to support the cutter BLOCK ISLAND which was the subject of a Fox News story. We quickly assembled a crew, got the required permissions for the out of season cold weather work and on 18 January supported the mission. The story aired on 13 Feb using footage of the Block island shot from our facility.

Foredeck all hands mission briefing.
The cutter makes its approach
Tired boaters on vessel in “distress” await help
Cutter lowering rescue staff
Chang roles after receiving “assistance”, we load the Fox News crew on our vessel.
We are now the platform for the news crew filming the cutter.
Another new mission. Safety boat for swimmer just getting back on board.

Example 2

Aids to Navigation (ATON) Teams have to travel from either Oak Island or Morehead City to maintain ATON. We sometimes save them the efforts and expense of bringing their boats by providing our facilities as work platforms.

Observing ATON team member fixing ATON on a foggy day.

Example 3

Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) control is sometimes requested when either military or civilian exercises shut down ICW traffic. We provide facilities that work with the controlling agency to open and shut navigation as required.

Boats holding position awaiting OK to proceed.